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Freie Zeremonien feierlich, romantisch, bunt, bestechend, bewegend......

Als Zeremonienleiterin trage ich eine grosse Verantwortung, dass bis zum letzten Moment alles reibungslos abläuft. Vor allem jedoch trage ich Verantwortung für den emotionalen Rahmen, ich halte die Energie, bin sicher in meinem Auftreten und führe alle Beteiligten locker durch diese schönen Momente.

Dear Christina and Rolando


Thank you so much for conducting such a wonderful, personal and emotional wedding ceremony for Guy and I in December 2019. It was perfectly unique to us. The day went by far too quickly and I already want to do it again and again! Our guests loved the ceremony and how you brought it to life. Yes, it wasn’t what they were expecting and certainly wasn’t a traditional British wedding – but that is exactly what Guy and I wanted to do and our guests loved it! The children also really enjoyed all coming up and having a sing! 


 Our wedding celebrations are even more memorable thanks to you both and the free service you created for us. You were both friendly, easy to talk to and fun to plan a wedding ceremony with! There was no stress, just positivity, support and kindness. And you did all the planning and ceremony in English!

Guy and I wanted a free wedding that represented our relationship, and you encouraged us to do just that and helped us to create a wedding that was informal, full of laughter and most of all love. It was perfect for us and for the Alpine snowy setting! 

Our children all enjoyed being part of the wedding service, and your friendly and supportive presence gave them confidence in their readings and offering of rings. Thank you! And how could we not mention our special blessing song… our guests really enjoyed singing us their blessings, this was such a romantic and special moment for Guy and I to experience. Thank you for this suggestion and for making it happen.

To all prospective couples, Guy and I would highly recommend Christina and Rolando.


Thank you for everything


Verity and Guy

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